Terms & Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

1.  All goods were personally packed by YOU and have been in your constant possession since packing.

2.  No goods have been added to the consignment by any other person, nor are any goods being carried on behalf of any other person.

3.  You MUST declare all ELECTRICAL ITEMS on the packing list.

4.  Your consignment contains no hazardous goods  – no Paints, no prohibited drugs, nor any explosives / corrosives / firearms of any description  and no illegal products.

* Global Box Shipments do not ship any hazardous materials, automobile tires, oils, items over 150 lbs, breakables and other items that are unsafe for shipping.  Our company reserves the right to refuse any shipment.Please see  Bureau of Customs, Philippines FAQ page.

5.  You are responsible of all breakables, liquids, electronics, perishable goods that you personally packed and all will be shipped at your own risk.

 * Crating is required when shipping new and used appliances . Global Box Shipments is not responsible for any damage to any items packed by non-professionals. Consumers will take all responsibility and risk in all items that they have packed themselves.

6.  You are aware that any false statement may render you liable to prosecution under the terms of the Aviation and Maritime Security Act  1990.

7.  You hereby declare that ALL items are for personal use with no commercial value and no taxable items.

8.  You agree that upon delivery to your consignee, any claims should be made in written notice within 3 days upon receipt of the box/parcels.

9.  You hereby declare that the  information you provided in the declaration form are TRUE and CORRECT.

10. You must signed our declaration form/packing list over your PRINTED FULL NAME  if you agree to our Terms and Conditions.